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This FAQ contains a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers for problems related to the Feinberg eCollection. Please review the list of questions first before contacting us for help. Thank you.

Question: I have logged on to the collection with my library barcode and password and I receive the one of the following messages when connecting to one of the databases: (The file name may be different in your case – but you get the same message box)

Answer: In order to use the collection, you need to download and install the Citrix client. Please follow our instructions in the document titled "How to connect to the Feinberg E-Collection" for further details.

Question: Why can’t I log on to the Feinberg E-Collection?
Answer: Is your membership current?

  • If not, please renew here.
  • If you renewed or joined in the last 48 hours during normal business hours Sunday through Wednesday, you will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours of joining. Memberships purchased at other times may take up to 96 hours (for example, requests sent on Thursday may be fulfilled on Sunday or Monday). Please check your spam or bulk mail folders if you do not see the confirmation in your inbox.
  • If you do not know, please email the library.

Are you entering your username and password correctly?

  • Username: P123456 Password: ABCD

Have you downloaded and installed the Citrix Client?

  • When was the last time you logged in successfully – are you on a different computer? If yes, you may need to download the Citrix Client again.

Question: I am getting the following error message: Cannot connect to the Citrix MetaFrame server. Protocol driver error.
Answer: This issue is usually being caused by a firewall. If you are trying to access the collection from work when you receive this error, you need to speak with your IT staff and ask them to open incoming TCP port 1494 to the following addresses: and For home users, you will need to configure your personal firewall to allow incoming TCP port 1494 for and

Question: I am getting the following error message: .ICA file not found
Answer: Cleaning out the Temporary Internet Files

Question: Why can’t I get in to the Bar Ilan Responsa?
Answer: Are you using a Mac?

Safari: does not support the Bar Ilan Responsa

Firefox: Try emptying your Saved Passwords. Go to Tools, Options, Security and delete all passwords associated with Bar Ilan or Spertus