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Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz

Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz

Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz is a sociologist whose expertise is in Jewish education, community, and issues of collective Jewish identity. He is the CEO of Research Success Technologies, a company that specializes in research and evaluation for Jewish organizations, and has published widely in areas that touch on Jewish identity, education, and peoplehood.

Dr. Kopelowitz lives in Kibbutz Hannaton, Israel.

Jewish Professional Studies

Doctorate, Hebrew University Jerusalem
MA, Hebrew University Jerusalem
BA, Hamilton College Clinton, NY


  • Israel Education Matters: A 21st Century Paradigm for Jewish Education, co-authored with Lisa Grant
  • Dynamic Jewish Identity: Trends in Jewish Belonging Among American and Israeli Jews, co-edited with Steven M. Cohen and Harvey Goldberg
  • Jewish Peoplehood: Change and Challenge, co-edited with Menachem Revivi
  • Cultural Education Cultural Sustainability: Minority, Diaspora, Indigenous and Ethno-Religious Groups in Multi-Cultural Societies, co-edited with Zvi Bekerman

Research Interests

Collective Identity, Education, Organizational Culture, Comparative-Historical Sociology


Jewish Peoplehood

Research interests

Nonprofit Management