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Passover 2023

Passover 2023

Start a New Passover Tradition!

In Judaism, tradition has multiple meanings.

You might use the word to refer to customs or practices, or think of it in terms of beliefs or values. But always at its core is the idea of you transmitting something essential to others, something that will make their life more meaningful.

In this regard, the holiday of Passover — which incorporates rituals that connect us across generations and geographies — is the quintessential Jewish expression of tradition.

Like Passover, traditions aren’t only about the past. Your engagement with them helps ground you today and guide your future. In the process, you give back, as your ideas and actions become part of the dynamic history of Jewish life.

Similarly, at Spertus Institute, we weave together past and future, linking learning with real-world engagement. Across our offerings, our students gain the tools to engage with our rich traditions in ways that make a difference in their lives and the lives of their communities.

For example, Spertus Institute’s new Leadership Certificate in Combating Antisemitism brings together leaders of Jewish organizations from across North America to address the troubling rise of antisemitism today. This program teaches the contextual history of antisemitism alongside critical, concrete skills including communications, collaboration, and alliance building, equipping participants to respond to antisemitic incidents with strength and expertise. This offering was made possible with the support of generous donors like you, seeking to fill an urgently important need.

Passover is a time to recall and retell our traditions. It is also a time to apply them in our lives today.

Please join me in supporting Spertus Institute’s work, deepening Jewish learning and its impact in our world.


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Dr. Dean P. Bell
President, CEO, and Professor of Jewish History
Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership


Wednesday, March 29, 2023