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Center for Jewish Leadership 2023

Center for Jewish Leadership 2023

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Spertus Institute’s Center for Jewish Leadership

Rooted in the belief that great Jewish communities need great Jewish leaders, the Center for Jewish Leadership transforms Jewish life by cultivating innovative approaches to leadership and enhancing the abilities of Jewish professionals, lay leaders, trustees, and volunteers.

Its holistic approach integrates understanding of Jewish ethics, culture, and history, with insights and best practices from the worlds of business and nonprofit leadership, making it a model of excellence for those who lead Jewish organizations.

Center for Jewish Leadership Impact

Since its inception in 2014, more than 2,500 Jewish communal professionals and volunteers have gained the knowledge, skills, creativity, and strategic agility required to guide Jewish organizations with strength, integrity, and success.

They bring new practices that create stronger workplaces, attract and retain top talent, align activities to missions, and serve community needs with insight and excellence.

The Need for Jewish Leadership Development

The need for leadership training is paramount across the nonprofit sector, a need that is magnified in the Jewish community. Consider the following from a report titled Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders for Jewish Nonprofits by Leading Edge, an alliance for Jewish excellence:

The vast majority of Jewish nonprofits—75% to 90% by some estimates—must find new executive leadership in the next 5–7 years.

Cultivating outstanding leaders is the most powerful lever that organizations have towards becoming more innovative, adaptive, and results-oriented. Many organizations simply don’t have the capacity or expertise to effectively cultivate their talent, and there are not enough leadership development programs serving the field as a whole.

Size of the Sector in the United States

  • 9,500 Jewish nonprofit organizations
  • 90,000 professionals working at Jewish nonprofits
  • 75-90% of CEOs plan to retire in next 5-7 years

Source: The Leading Edge

Support Spertus Institute’s Center for Jewish Leadership

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